Clinton Le Sueur

Owner of

Aqua Sharks academy Helderberg


5.2 Education, Age-Group and open water


Swim South Africa 

LTS Level 1



Level 2



triathletes coach


Squad training coach



Born and raised in Johannesburg. I grew up playing a large variety of sports in my younger years while narrowing the focus more to swimming in high school. During this time in the late 80's and early 90's, I competed at Junior and Senior Nationals and made the annual pilgrimage to Midmar for my open

water fix. 

After leaving High School in 1991, I entered the army.

After conscription, I studied Hotel Management (University of JHB) and took up rugby and cycling again. All competitive sports stopped after I was involved in a motorcycle accident but slowly I
picked up cycling and running.

After working for a short while in the Hospitality industry I was drawn to the wine side. I then moved to Stellenbosch and started with my BSc (1999) and worked in the wine industry as

a winemaker. Moving to Stellenbosch I picked up mountain biking; trail running, surfing and climbing; with sport climbing and bouldering becoming the focus – this left me with many broken bones and after my last fall I had to get into the water

for rehabilitation.

It is here that I fell in love again.

The pool became an avenue to the ocean - this is where my heart resides: the natural beauty, the cold, the solitude, the flow, the challenge, the comradery and the community.

In the last five years I have completed multiple long distance open water swims, cold, altitude and ice swims around

the world.

I am blessed with a wonderful 15 year old daughter; 2 “step” sons aged 13 and 17 and a loving long term partner.

My goal is to help others understand that we are much more than we are led to believe or think we are capable of (this true of all ages and athlete capabilities); to facilitate the holistic growth of the swimmer as a well-rounded person and athlete and to cultivate the joy of water; especially open water.

goals accomplished

ice swimming in Antarctica

(1000m in minus 1.4 degree water)




(at altitude)

Straits of Gibraltar

Cape Point

Robben Islands

Sterkfontein Dam

(open water swimming)

Long distance

(3km, 5km and 10km swims

around South Africa)